How to Cook African Yam Porridge: Simple Steps

YAM porridge
Yam porridge. Credit:

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The beauty and importance of indigenous African foods cannot be played whenever we talk about the efficacy of world cuisines. This is because indigenous African foods come in the most natural forms and are not only nutritious, but also medicinal to the body.

Today, I will be telling you how to prepare Yam and Porridge known in Igbo as “Ji agworo agwo” or “Ji ogwugo”.  Continue reading “How to Cook African Yam Porridge: Simple Steps”


OGIRI: The African Secret Cooking Ingredient

Ogiri- Food Ingredient. WE JACKSONITES
Ogiri. Photo Credit:

African women take much pride in their culinary skills, a trend which exists till this day; in fact, it is seen as a sort of taboo for a typical African society lady to confess that she cannot cook or worse, that she cannot prepare any local African dishes. For them, cooking is done not just for the sake of it as it’s a skill which places real women above girls; that the mastery beauty of the act and that “all important asset” can win the hearts of kings. Continue reading “OGIRI: The African Secret Cooking Ingredient”

How to Cook Beans and Plantain Pottage

How to cook beans and plantain porridge

Eating good food is very essential for a healthy living and a long life. These days, many people rarely pay attention to what they eat so long as it satisfies their taste and hunger. This trend has let many into the consumption of junk foods which many times are detrimental to the health. Junk foods are a well known cause of obesity among people as well as cancer.
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