5 Ways You can earn Money With your Electronic Gadgets as a Student


As a student, I have many at times asked myself what are those things I can achieve without having to go a million miles before and after I’m done with the walls of the University.
Many at times I’ve come out with answers, some of which were excused immediately as mere fantasies and not achievable.

The truth is that, one needs not wait till after graduation before he/she can begin to work towards achieving the goals in that one’s mind. Many Students on campus have the resources to become entrepreneurs and millionaires in the making, but what retards their development is either ignorance or fear to pursue their ideas or dreams.

As a person, I’ve always been fascinated by gadgets and to narrow it down, Personal Computers, Tablets and Smartphones. This is because of the multitasking functions they have to offer. Apart from that, they can help us grow our bank accounts if put to rightful use.

Ever wondered what you could do with your gadgets apart from playing songs, watching movies, social networking and surfing the net? Ever thought of harnessing the qualities bestowed upon these gadgets and turning them into millions of cash? Ever thought of letting the world know about you through your Gadgets without being a President or ambassador or even a Celebrity? If you’ve not, then it’s time to think.

Many Students own Laptop and smartphones, but don’t know what to do with them. Apart from watching movies, playing songs and video games, typing assignments, surfing the Internet, social networking etc, many do not know there are many things to do with their gadgets to make money and be financially free on campus.  Five among many of them include:

Image Credit: kaboompics; Pixabay

1. Blogging

Blogging is a means of publishing online articles and posts relating to many issues concerning sports, lifestyle, celebrity gist and gossip, health and fitness, sharing the up-to-date news, etc.

Starting a blog is very easy and affordable. One can either choose to register under Blogger, WordPress or any other blogging service out there. These services provide the blogger with a template which only needs little to no modification. Since the aim of blogging here is for the purpose of making money, updating your post with enough original and quality post for a span of six months and above qualifies you to get Google AdSense with which you will begin to earn from your blog. Note that traffic count on your blog also matters and the more traffic your blog attracts, the more money you make.

2. Programming and Web Development/Design

Being a professional in programming might take quite some to be achieved. But the truth is that one has to start somewhere. There are many armature programmers already collecting pay from assisting in designing websites and blogs, and creating applications that solves people’s needs. Instead of just sitting in front of your computer watching movies, why not invest the time in learning how programming works. There are many videos online that might help you understand one or two things involved.

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3. 3D Modelling and Graphic painting

With your laptop for example, you can begin to learn and engage in 3D modelling and graphic painting. Many are yet to understand how lucrative the two are and how much money they can earn from making 3D models and paintings. Through 3D modelling, you can become a relevant figure in the film, gaming and animation world which guarantee you enough pay to become financially free on campus. For students in countries where 3D animation is yet in its infancy, you can cease the opportunity to become one of the defining figures that brought relevance to 3D modelling. This though does not come without hard work, but imagine making a graphic painting which later would be valued at a very high price and sought after by many. Man, you wouldn’t regret ever giving your time to it.

4. Selling Photos Online

Many students use the smartphone cameras to take photos every day, but many do not know that they can make a lot of money with their laptops through selling of photos online. The good news is that one doesn’t have to be a professional photographer before this can be possible. There are many bloggers, web designers, companies and photo enthusiasts looking for legal images they can use for whatever purpose that suits them. These images are most at times bought by them from stock photography websites like gettyimages.com and these websites gotten from people like you. You can get paid through selling your photos through these websites or simple selling directly to anyone who willing to buy your photos for any amount reasonable. That way, you are growing your bank account every day and on your way to financial success.

In an upcoming post, I will expatiate on how you can sell your photos online.

Bridge, Gadget, Hand, Iphone, Macro, Nature, Outdoors

5. Online Tutor/Teaching

If you are a student who loves teaching others, then you can make a lot of money online by teaching or tutoring people. Online tutoring jobs abound and they are not just available to those with a formal degree in teaching.  Find out that particular subject you are very interested in and locations where you can teach people. There are several quality sites like  that will allow you to make money while teaching people who are interested in learning your subject.  Become a member and begin to teach people what they should know. This way, you will be growing your bank account every day.




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