It’s April Fools Day. And I was fooled


What if I was in America and told an American who is a chain smoker this moment that Donald trump has reportedly banned smoking in the country? Imagine what his response would be (laughs out loud).

Well, although I am never going to tell that to anyone in reality, I wouldn’t be puzzled if the recipient of the message throws himself into frenzy. After-all, the message was supposed to fool him and it is April 1st.

I was in a class WhatsApp group around 12:02 am GMT+1 when a message regarding a change to the class’ departmental uniform was sent. Going through it, I was beginning to get worked-up because I am a member of that class and to me, a change to the uniform sounded crazy.


In my haste, I was about to start typing what I felt was my opinion in reply to the message without waiting to finish reading it,  when I mistakenly scrolled to the end of the message. then it struck me like a bomb shell that I’ve just been fooled. There in front of me was the sentence, “April fool.”

A surge of laughter filled my mouth and I couldn’t help but agree that the sender just got me.

So, I decided to send it to as many people as possible and guess what? Many of them fell for it. After, as I thought of over everything, I was urged in my mind to write about April fool in any form I can.


Historically, April Fools Day or ‘All Fools day’, is a long standing  custom celebrated annually on April 1st in Western culture- although adopted in many countries today-, with its significance including practical Jokes and Hoaxes and observance purely for comedy.

Its origin is unknown, but Geoffrey Chaucer‘s The Canterbury Tales (1392)  is reported to contain the first recorded association between April 1 and foolishness.

On such a day, lots of pranks, jokes and fake media stories which are explained the following day are all used to fool people.


Occasionally, when a victim falls to the pranks, the exclamation, “April Fool” is shouted by the prank player, indicating the success of his prank.

Although popular around the world today, the day is not a public holiday in any country.

In a nutshell,  if you are going to believe anything anybody tells you today, you just might need to think about it, lest you become just another fool am Fools Day.



2 thoughts on “It’s April Fools Day. And I was fooled

  1. It’s a funny day for playing pranks, well my brother called me crying that mum is really sick and not recovering well, my stomach was fluttering with fear when he said its April fool and I felt like killing him.. 😀😀😀😀😀. It’s really nice cos it’s a day of integration..

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